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The UT Life Mortgage Protection Insurance provides protection against repossession by a lender or financier of a property acquired through mortgage loans should the borrower or insured be unable to meet his or her mortgage obligation as a result of the following:


  1. Natural or accidental death
  2. Total and permanent disability as a result of accident or illness


  1. The maximum entry age is 65 years and minimum is 18 years
  2. Coverage is offered up to a maximum term of 20 years
  3. Renewals and premiums are on annual basis 


  1. UT Life pays off the outstanding loan balance when death or disability occurs.
  2. This Policy provides total peace of mind to surviving relatives after demise of the insured
  3. Relatives get to keep property acquired through mortgage loan after demise of the insured 
  4. Claim proceeds are paid directly to the lender or financier.
  5. Annual premium decreases as mortgage loan balance decreases
  6. Competitive premiums


Individuals or couples acquiring properties through mortgage loans





  1. For Individuals and couples below 55 years and applying for sums assured belowGHC/USD 30,000, please download form.
  2. For Individuals and couples above 55 years and applying for sums assured below or above GHC/USD 30,000, please download forms [UTL PF , MR , MAR , MER]
  3. For Individuals and couples below 55 years and applying for sums assured aboveGHC/USD 30,000, please download forms [UTL PF , MR , MAR , MER]


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What is the reason for taking a life insurance policy?

To protect yourself and loved ones in the event of pre-mature death.

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