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This is a comprehensive insurance package that provides benefits or compensation to staff or members who are covered under the Policy. The Group Life and Personal Accident policy comprises two distinct policies put together but for the cost of one thereby saving you on your premiums.


These policies are: 


Term Assurance (Death-in service benefit)

This policy covers the individual or employees of a company against pre-mature death for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of inception and it is renewable annually. 


Personal Accident Cover

This provides 24 hour coverage and on a world wide basis for:

  • Accidental Death,
  • Disability and Bodily Injuries.


Core Benefits

The standard policy provides the following categories of benefits:


Claim Type


Natural / Accidental death

100% of Sum Assured

Total Permanent Disability (Accident)

Up to 100% of Sum Assured

Total Temporary Disability (Accident)

1/52 of Sum Assured benefits

Emergency Medical expenses

Up to 10% of Sum Assured



Other Benefits

This policy allows for the addition of certain riders as Critical Illness or Dread Diseases and Workmen’s Compensation insurance endorsement.?

  • Critical Illness/Dread Diseases insurance - this may be added as a rider at an extra premium and the cover provides a lump-sum payment should the life assured become incapacitated from a critical illness or dread disease and cannot attend to his usual business or employment. Critical illness or dread disease includes but not limited to: 
    • Cancer,
    • Stroke,
    • Kidney failure,
    • Paraplegia,
    • Blindness.

  • Workmen's Compensation Insurance - This policy may be endorsed to include Workmen's Compensation Insurance.
  • Lower premiums because the policy is a group policy
  • Relaxation of underwriting requirements


Non-Medical Limits

A free non-medical limit of GH¢100,000 is allowed per person under this policy.



  • Corporate bodies
  • Associations
  • And Groups with membership of 10 and above








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What is the reason for taking a life insurance policy?

To protect yourself and loved ones in the event of pre-mature death.

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